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Baily Hancock is a Career & Business Strategist

41: "What The Stars Say You Should Do with Your Career" with Janet Sciales, Astrologer

Astrologer Janet Sciales (better known to radio listeners as the StarGoddess) joins Baily to give an easy-to-understand rundown of astrology, including how you can look to your astrological chart to determine what kind of career path will suit you best. Listen in if you’re astro-curious and ready to learn what the stars have in store for you but have no clue where to begin!

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39: "Follow Your Curiosity to a Career You Love" with Melanie Bender, VP of Marketing & Brand Development at Clique

Chances are good that at some point in your career, you've felt the familiar twinge of boredom creep in. It typically begins with a sense of "been there, accomplished that", and can end with mentally checking out and phoning it in. Melanie Bender has avoided the boredom curse in her career by following her insatiable curiosity about how people and things work. This has led her to study topics across data science, web development, media, consumer behavior, innovation culture, and business management. Melanie's latest curiosity quest has led her to become the VP of Marketing and Brand Development at Clique - one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies. 

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38: "Type-A with a Dash of Woo" with Baily Hancock

In this solo episode, Baily talks about how she's learned to marry her Type-A natural tendencies with her ever-increasing "woo" personality in both her business and personal life. From scheduling time for mindfulness and manifestation each morning, to aligning her quarterly goals with moon cycles and astrological events, Baily shares how she's able to intertwine these seemingly-conflicting influences and find balance somewhere in the middle. 

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37: "#MeToo: It's More than Just a Movement" with LeAnne Fuller, Culture Consultant

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of the nationwide explosion of #MeToo, it's becoming apparent that this is definitely more than just a movement. LeAnne Fuller has been a quiet crusader for sexual assault victim's rights since her very first job out of high school where she won a lawsuit against her employer for sexual harassment. She now has her own company called WEEEHelp - "Workplace Ethics, Etiquette, and Education" where she brings her many decades of experience facing all types of unethical, uncomfortable workplace situations (including a stint as a Vegas stripper at the age of 40) as a company culture consultant. Listen in to hear how this ​​​​​​​resilient woman has faced setback after setback throughout her career and come out stronger every time.

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36: "You're Not Lost" with Maxie McCoy, Author & Speaker

If you've ever thought or spoken the sentence, "I just feel so lost..." as it relates to your career, then turn the volume RIGHT ON UP, because this episode is meant for you. After traveling the country talking to thousands of women and hearing that phrase uttered repeatedly, Maxie McCoy, writer, speaker, and author of the book "You're Not Lost" realized that not only do so many young women not know where to begin to find direction in their lives, they're dealing with a massive self-confidence deficit.

In this conversation, Maxie and I dig into what makes for a purpose-filled career, from finding your people and supporting those around you with no future expectations, to letting go of the obsessive need to find your passion in order to feel less "lost" (spoiler alert: it starts with building a sense of self-belief, the rest will follow.) If you find yourself nodding along and wanting more after this episode, Maxie and I are taking this conversation IRL on August 28th in Santa Monica - grab your free ticket today!

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35: "Ain't No Party Like a Work Party" with Jaclyn Johnson, CEO & Founder of Create & Cultivate and Author of 'WorkParty'

The workplace is changing rapidly, and we can all feel it. Whether you're busting through glass ceilings in Corporate America or are one of the many entrepreneurial women who took her side hustle full-time, you've no doubt been faced with the decision of whether you try to fit in with the "Old Boy's Club" to get ahead, or ride the Millennial Pink wave and embrace titles like "She-E-O" and "Girl Boss". Jaclyn Johnson doesn't buy that you *have* to do either to be successful, which is exactly how she's built and run her empire, Create & Cultivate

In this episode, Jaclyn and I talk about getting ahead by helping others succeed, how to unapologetically embrace your femininity in business, and the joy of watching those you "came up with" kill it in their careers. Oh, and we touch on this little book she wrote in her free time published by Simon & Schuster coming out on August 21st - get your copy today!

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34: "Collaborate Your Way to a Career You Love" with Anique Coffee, Founder of The Collective Europe

Anyone who's achieved some level of success in their career will tell you - nobody succeeds without the help of others. Anique Coffee has spent her career following her curiosity and leveraging her connections to get amazing opportunity after amazing opportunity, from working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to launching her own marketing agency, to going IPO with a Silicon Valley startup, and most recently moving to Europe and creating The Collective, a unique mix of a festival, conference, and retreat. On this episode, learn how Anique has collaborated with her community to fall in love with her career, time and time again.

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33: "Connection, Commiseration, & Collaboration" with Carrie Murray, Founder of BRA Network

Being an entrepreneur is hard, lonely, and intimidating as hell, which is why having a strong community to connect, commiserate, and collaborate with is crucial. Enter BRA Network (aka, Business Relationship Alliance). BRA's fabulous Founder, Carrie Murray, found herself frustrated, overwhelmed, and looking for answers after launching her first business. She turned to her network of fellow entrepreneurial female friends and discovered that she was very much not alone in these feelings. Listen to hear how Carrie created a pun-heavy, hot pink, super supportive community of women who lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

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32: "Let's Get Vulnerable Up In Here" with Baily Hancock

I've kept a journal for the majority of my life. They're really more of a landing pad for my random thoughts and ideas and less of a diary, but regardless I almost always have one on me to catch any moments of inspiration that might arise. In today's solo episode, I'm pulling back the curtain (what's left of it anyway) and reading a few entries from the last couple of years. Some are half-baked morning thoughts, others are full-blown career and life manifestos, but they're all a window into how both my businesses and I have evolved over time. 

Baily Hancock

About Baily:

Baily Hancock is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who goes by the titles Collaboration Consultant, Career Happiness Strategist, Podcaster, Speaker, and Workshop Instructor. She teaches people how to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals, whether that's making a career change or growing their business 

A natural-born connector, Baily has spent her career growing and nurturing her network and finding ways to collaborate along the way. She works with entrepreneurs to help them amplify their company's reach and influence with partnerships, and with professionals to help them find happiness and fulfillment in their careers. Baily travels the country leading workshops and doing speaking engagements on her two favorite topics: career happiness and collaboration. 

Instagram: @BailyHancock

31: "It's Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams" with Jan McCarthy, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

As children most of us were asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" putting it in our heads that we have to choose one job and stick with it for all of adulthood. Jan McCarthy never bought into that idea. She's lived her life choosing one career path after another (and often more than one at a time) based on her insatiable curiosity and her desire to have a great time doing it. If you identify as a Multi-Passionate, you'll appreciate how Jan has identified and gone after new professional opportunities for herself time and time again, including becoming a paid artist after the age of 50. 

Jan McCarthy

About Jan:

Jan McCarthy is an Artist, Creative Developer, Podcast Host, Author, and Small Business Coach. 

In art and business, Jan believes in blending the left and right brain to achieve the most comprehensive expression, and everything she creates from paintings, sketches, books, brushes, towers, workshops or events are inspired by real-life visuals.

She's constantly deciphering and incorporating the abstract part of life in her work with the intent to evoke emotion, bring together community, unleash the imagination, stir thoughtful reflection and give way to images of something meaningful, often hidden in between the layers of mixed media, life, and other materials.

Art and business go hand in hand so when Jan puts on workshops, classes, retreats, and events she often pairs the two together because she loves helping entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and other creatives explore their hidden talents and curiosity through meaningful and fun interactive artistic sessions.

Jan was born into an entrepreneurial creative family and grew up to marry an entrepreneur. They had two daughters who are now grown and are also entrepreneurs. This influences Jan's art as does her obsession with traveling and adventure, creating community, hanging out with family and friends in thoughtful and interesting conversation over great food and drink in a fabulous location. She's lucky to embrace a dual lifestyle, splitting her time between an urban loft in downtown Los Angeles and her ranch in Boulder, CO and those diverse and abstract lifestyles filter their way into her art.

Instagram: @janmccarthy

30: "From Blogging to PR to Podcasts" with Rachael King, Founder of Pod People

We're all familiar with the "quit college and start a company with a ton of funding in your early 20s" entrepreneur story (thanks, Zuckerberg.) What we don't often hear is the more strategic, less sexy version that involves working for a ton of companies and trying out multiple roles throughout your 20s, collecting information and experience on someone else's dime and THEN going out on your own. Rachael King did exactly that for the first nine years of her career before launching two companies in two years. Find out how this former MTV Twitter Jockey contestant has made a career out of embracing her many professional curiosities.

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29: "Using Your Strengths to Land a New Gig" with Scott Asai, Certified Strengths Coach

How many people have been asked in a job interview what their greatest weakness was? (Raises hand.) Most of us have been told our entire lives to work on improving our weaknesses, when in reality, doubling down on your strengths is a far better strategy to excelling in your career. On this episode, Certified Strengths Coach Scott Asai talks about how you can discover what your strengths are and leverage them to find and land a new job.

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28: "Underwear, HR, & Keeping Employees Happy" with Ellen Sweeney, Head of People Operations at MeUndies

Until very recently, HR professionals weren't exactly seen as the cool kids in the office. The only time you interacted with them was when you were in trouble, getting someone else in trouble, or being let go. Fast-forward to today, and you now have people with titles like, "Chief Happiness Officer" at many companies.

On this episode, Ellen Sweeney, Head of People at MeUndies, enlightens us on how she went from hospitality to HR, what the heck a Head of People does, and shares some of her secrets on how you can snag a job in an incredible company.

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27: "Life Lessons From 4 Layoffs in 5 Years" with Shayna Marks, Social Media Strategist

Most of us will be laid off or fired at some point in our 40+ year career, but for Shayna Marks, it happened four times in five years. Instead of allowing those professional setbacks to crush her spirit, Shayna instead chose to roll with the punches, lean into the lessons, and take her career into her own hands by launching her own social media strategy and consulting business, Citrine Marketing.

On this episode, Shayna shares how she was able to overcome each of those professional dips and create a bright and cheerful business and career for herself.

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26: How to Survive & Thrive as the Ultimate Multi-Passionate with Adriana Kertzer

By now you've probably heard of the term, "Multi-Passionate", AKA someone who has many professional and personal interests. Adriana Kertzer is a Multi-Passionate x's a bazillion. In my longest podcast interview of the season, I get Adriana to talk me through how a little girl from Brazil managed to find ways to "braid" all of her many passions and interests together (including but not limited to corporate law, digital strategy, real estate, design, cannabis, project management, and Favelization) time and time again throughout her career. 

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25: "Owning Your Story: A Love Note to Job-Hoppers" with Carolyn Birsky, Career Coach

The average job tenure for workers aged 25-34 is three years, which means in our 40+ years of working we'll have a lot of different career paths to explain on a resume and in a cover letter. Rather than looking like a job-hopping flake who can't make up your mind, it's up to you to figure out how to tell your career story in a way that makes sense to a future employer.

In this episode, I chat with Life and Career Coach, Carolyn Birsky who found herself in the same position early on in her career. After finally finding her calling in coaching, Carolyn now helps other women navigate their 20s and make that important decade feel less confusing.

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24: "A Jersey Girl (Reluctantly) Goes to Hollywood" with Julie Knapp, Casting Associate

A Northern New Jersey native with a personality as big as her bright red hair, Julie Knapp grew up surrounded and enamored by the arts. After graduating from Syracuse University with a double major in Television, Radio & Film and Psychology, she spent the first phase of her career attempting to find her place in Hollywood, taking unpaid internships and low-paying gigs in Production and Reality TV show casting. 

Four years of speed bumps, career detours, and a 3,000-mile cross-country move later, Julie took the leap from the world of Reality TV to pursue her passion for casting scripted TV, landing a role as a Casting Assistant on TBS’s “Cougar Town.” Throughout the last five years, she's worked on over a dozen shows and is now the Associate Casting Director on ABC’s “Designated Survivor.” 

On this episode, hear how Julie never let her childhood dream of working in the Entertainment Industry out of her sights, even if it meant taking part-time jobs and sleeping on couches along the way.  

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23: "How to Deal When Sh*t Hits the Fan"

Throughout our lives there will undoubtedly be times when, well, sh*t hits the fan. When life gets in the way of your carefully-laid plans, be it in your career, your business, or your personal life, how you deal with the situation (or don't) can have lasting ramifications. 

In this solo episode, I'll share with you something deeply personal that recently impacted my personal life (and therefore my business), and how I dealt with taking care of myself and my responsibilities in a way that honored both.

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22: "Creating a Career & Lifestyle with Purpose" with Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co.

If you were to ask most people whether having a career filled with purpose and meaning was important to them, the majority would say, "absolutely." In reality, finding purpose in your career can feel like a pipe dream that sounds great, but is way harder to achieve than we'd all like it to be. 

Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co. has spent her career helping people get the resources and mindset they need to pursue work that works for them. In this episode, Kate talks about how she's searched for and finally found purpose throughout her own career, and how ultimately the job that's provided her with the most meaning has been the one that's allowed her to help others find it in their careers.

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